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TEMP Project

TEMP stands for Textile Excellence in EU - MED Partners. It's an European Project developed within the 7th Framework Programme, under the theme CAPACITIES. The TEMP project was approved under the last call of REGPOT-2 (Research Potential), which covers projects aiming to reinforce the cooperation in the field of R&D management and researcch capacity building, between European countries and MPC'S (Mediterranean Partner Countries), which particular emphasis on the creation and consolidation of capacities, in particular, in these countries. The partnership of this project brings together 6 organizations from 3 different countries: Portugal, Italy and Tunisia.

Duration: 36 months (December 2010 - November 2012)



The TEMP Project main goal is to enhance the S&T cooperation in the Textile & Clothing field between Portugal, Italy and Tunisia by reforcing strategic partnerships between 3 research organizations and 3 Innovation Promotion Associations.


Project Actions

  • Exchange and mobilization of human resources;
  • Knowledge transfer in the field of water, waste and energy management; laboratorial management and IPR management;
  • Disseminating scientific information and knowledge;
  • Exchange of RTD results and best practises;
  • Provide technical assistance to enhance the knowledge transfer;
  • Definition of specific S&T priorities in partners regions, creation a research agenda for the period of 2010-2015;
  • Create a contact platform with other scientific fields of knowledge or even other industrial sectors aiming to improve contacts in all the fashion industry along the partner's countries


Expected Impacts

The TEMP Project will focus on improving the relationship between Italy, Portugal and Tunisia, in the field of texti8le & clothing, promoting a closer cooperation between complementary organizations, namely in the following topics:

  • Development of Scientific and Human Potential;
  • Exchange know-how and best practices;
  • Increasing S&T research capacities.

The major expected impacts of the TEMP Project are:

  • Better integration of EU and MED countries strategies;
  • Improved S&T capacities in the MPC (Mediterranean Partner Country) country and convergence region;
  • Reinforcement of the regional economic and social development;
  • Stronger and more effective link between partner's organization and futher RTD organizations in the partner's countries.


TEMP and The Waste Cluster Initiative

The topic of "environment and waste management/recycling" unites 4 ongoing European project approved under both, the Regions of knowledge and the REGPOT modality: TEMP, WASTE KIT, SOWAEUMED and STINNO: These projects are setting up a strategic cooperation initiative under the name  "Waste Cluster Initiative" aiming to maximise results and to better integrate the different approaches present in each project, towards the creation of an European research driven cluster on the field of Waste Management.