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ECO-TECH'10 on Kalmar, Sweden: 22-24th November

Linnaeus Eco-Tech’10 will take place on Kalmar, at the Brofästet Hotell & Konferens between 22-24 November. The WCI (Waste Cluster Initiative) is the theme of a communication to be presented by Helder Rosendo, Coordinator of the TEMP project. The aim of the Linnaeus Eco-Tech’10 is to create networks for knowledge exchange between the business and academic sector and local authorities around the Baltic Sea Region and the rest of the world. One of the goals is also to launch new research projects in cooperation with companies in the region. Linnaeus Eco-Tech’10 has a distinct international flavor, participants from around thirty countries in the world are expected to participate and present their research at the conference and this is an excellent opportunity to establish new partnerships and collaborations. Some of the scientific topics at the conference are Waste Management, Wastewater Treatment, Waste to Energy and Material Recycling and several interesting speakers are invited from various scientific and technical disciplines. @ http://lnu.se/schools