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The Gateway cooperation platform

The gateway EU-MED cooperation platform is one of the TEMP project deliverables and will be a centralized hot spot where you can find all relevant information regarding scientific and technological cooperation within the EU-MED area.
The Gateway website is being developed upon the contribution of all TEMP projects and will be the result of a combine effort in the field of technology, business and funding opportunities scouting, promoted by all partners.
Once you are directed into de Gateway Platform, using the link bellow and after a simple registering procedure, you will have immediate access access to a wide range of privileged information such as:

  • Funding, investment and cooperation opportunities
  • Information on key research topics
  • Knowledge and technology resources available within the TEMP partnership
  • Links to relevant organizations within the EU-MED Textile world
  • Highlighted companies and its products/technologies
  • Potentially transferable technologies and methodologies
  • Events & News


The EU-MED Gateway Platform is now on-line! Click here

 If you have any ideas that want to share with us or if you are searching for partners, knowledge or technologies please send us a message by using this link!