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Water, waste and energy management is critical for the global competiveness of the textile & clothing industry. Green oriented research focuses on a better environmental performance, toward a more effective use of resources and a more responsible and sustainable production. Research and technological services oriented to the textile process sustainability are one of the key strategic developing areas for institutes and competence centers supporting the textile & clothing industry. In that sense, one of the knowledge areas included in the TEMP project mobility program.

Water, Waste & Energy Management


Water, Waste & Energy Management

  Water, Waste & Energy Management

Experts form CITEVE, TREVISO TECNOLOGIA and NEXT will be engaged in a capacity building action addressing the Tunisian textile Centre, CETTEX, specifically in the domain of Environmental and energy management. Besides a knowledge and experience exchange, a mobility program supporting the exchange of technical staff between organizations m will contribute to improve CETTEX capacity to support local industry in Tunisia, either through better research practices, either to more effective technological services. This specific topic addressed by the TEMP project will focus on issues like:

  • Water and waste water treatment technologies

  • Waste management practices and recycling opportunities

  • Energy efficient technologies

  • Energy management practices

  • Energy Auditing and technological support to companies

  •  Water and energy related priority research topics